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Tax Delinquent & Blighted Properties


Land First Specializes in representation of its clients in the acquisition, sale and defense of tax delinquent properties better known as tax sale and adjudicated properties as well as blighted property.


Tax Delinquent properties are those where the owner(s) have failed to pay property taxes either once or over a number of years. As a result of non-payment of these taxes, individuals, entities and even the parish can acquire Tax Liens on the property. After satisfying the formalities an individual or entity may become the owner of Tax Delinquent property and generally for a reasonable sum. If you would like to acquire Tax Delinquent properties or if you are in danger of losing your house due to non-payment of property taxes, contact us today.


Blighted Properties are those that are chronically vacant, or have unresolved code violations for unsafe, unsanitary, or unhealthy conditions. Land First represents clients in acquisition of these types of properties as well as providing representation for owners of blighted property or property facing code enforcement issues and hearings.



Quiet Title


Generally speaking in context of real estate, title is the right of ownership, possession and benefit of a particular property. To “Quiet Title” means to take legal action in order to settle competing claims to ownership. In the context of Tax Delinquent property, Quiet Title actions confirm title to the property in favor of a Tax Lien/Deed/Certificate buyer. Quiet Title also removes any encumbrances (liens, mortgages, judgments, etc ) that may be attached to a property preventing a sale.


If you currently hold a Tax Lien/Deed/Certificate and would like to confirm ownership or if you have a property with title issues or clouds contact us today.




Property Transfers 


Land First represents buyers and sellers in the transfer and disposition of various types of real estate including residential properties, commercial buildings, warehouse space, retail centers, industrial properties, manufactured housing and the like.


We represent our clients in closings, lease agreements, bond for deed contracts, mortgages, liens, property exchanges, purchase agreements, servitude/easements/right-of-way agreements and more. In estate transactions it is very wise to have a knowledgeable real estate attorney of counsel to protect your interest. 




Estate Planning & Successions


Land First works very closely with its clients to preserve the maximum amount of wealth possible for loved ones while still providing you with the flexibility and control during life. Contact us today and we will tailor a will, trust or power of attorney just for you.


Land First also represents its clients in Louisiana probate proceedings better known as successions. When a loved one passes, their estate must be quantified, debts must be paid, and the estate must be distributed according to Louisiana Law.  Due to new laws your succession may qualify for a much more cost effective and expedient solution. Contact us today for more information.




Land First also represents clients throughout the life-cycle of land development projects. Land First can assist you with creative and leveraged financing for projects, community involvement, permitting and zoning, compliance, acquisition and construction for a wide range of development projects.


We can also negotiate and prepare development agreements, construction agreements, cooperative endeavor agreements and more.



Mortgages & Liens

Security devices, such as mortgages and liens protect your interests in and to a piece of land. If you have performed work or made improvements to a piece of land that is not your own, you may have the right to place a lien on that property to ensure that you will be repaid.  

Other Areas of Practice 

NFA Gun Trust, Business Formation, Notary

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